Details on Childcare During the Build October 7th and 8th

Childcare will be offered during the build of Candace Pickens Memorial Park for children ages 3-10 years old on Saturday 10/7 from 8am-8:30pm and Sunday 10/8 from 8am-5pm rain or shine. 

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No child should spend more than 2 consecutive shifts in childcare.

Children need to be potty-trained to be in care with us – if your young child might have an accident, please pack an extra set of clothes for them. 

We will be dividing children by age: 3-5 year olds separate from 6-10 year olds –for their safety and fun. 

Please pack all the food (snacks and meals) that each of your children will need/want for the entirety of their time with us as well as a labeled water bottle for each of them. Due to food allergies and logistical complexities, we do not plan to offer meals for kids. Packing all this in a labeled lunch box or bag for each child you bring is ideal. 

If it’s raining, please send your child with raingear and shoes that can get wet – we will have fun outdoors (and inside the gym) regardless. Wearing clothes that can get messy with art projects and outdoor play is helpful. 

Childcare sign in/sign out will happen at a well-marked table in the back parking lot of Jones Elementary (not at the front of the school but at the back side closer to Merrimon Ave) up close to building. Look for the colored balloons to find our childcare sign-in table. You’ll need to come there to fill out a brief permission form and get ID bracelets (both your child and you will wear one with your phone number on it at all times). We expect you to take the time to get your child settled in and feeling comfortable before leaving them – so build in an extra 5-10 minutes before your construction shift to do this. 

You can tell your child that they can expect fun times in the Jones Elem gym, art projects on the covered walkway at the back of the school, lots of time on the fenced playground at the front of Jones Elem, and quieter times for hearing a story. We will have garden partners leading us in fun on Sat afternoon and a therapy dog coming to visit on Sunday AM and face painting on Sunday PM. For the kids in care Saturday night after dark, there’ll be a Disney movie in the gym and board games for those who don’t want to watch it. 

If at any point your child gets hurt, is inconsolable, or is struggling to stay safe by following our basic rules, you can trust that we will call you and have you stop working construction and come to be with them. If your child struggles to be in new spaces and with unfamiliar caregivers, with frequent transitions, or with lots of busy and noisy activities, this won’t be an easy context for them, and it’d be best to create a different childcare plan. 

We commit to keeping your kids safe and having a ton of fun together!  Feel free to call Susanne Walker Wilson (828-450-1052) with any questions.