Let's Rebuild Jones Park!

For years, Jones Park served as a site of interactive spontaneous play, connection among parents and a widely-loved community playground. Jones Park was torn down hastily with no clear plan to be rebuilt. City leaders need to hear if you’d like the playground rebuilt. Donations from the community are available to fund the construction, we just need a commitment from the Asheville City Schools to lease the land to the City of Asheville and for the City to provide long-term maintenance.

Contact City Leaders

Click here to email City Council and the Asheville City School Board encouraging them to support rebuilding Jones Park

Sign the Petition

Click here to sign the petition calling on City Leaders to support rebuilding Jones Park


One of few playgrounds in North Asheville, Jones Park Playground was built in 1999 as a collaboration between the City of Asheville, Asheville City Schools, Quality Forward (now Greenworks) and volunteers from the community. The City of Asheville maintained the park for the first five years and then abandoned it while continuing to provide maintenance of the Jones Elementary Baseball field and the nearby Rose Garden.

Please take a minute or two to send a quick email in support of getting this community park rebuilt for the kids of the entire Asheville community. Or have your child, send via email a pic of this coloring page or their own drawings and comments about why they want Jones Park Rebuilt. Or mail at 70 Court Plaza, PO Box 7148 Asheville, NC 28802.

If you want to lend your support to getting the playground rebuilt, please contact us: info@rebuildjonespark.org

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